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​7 Tips for Newbee Readers

 A Prelude

If you are a newbee to the, Tarot I have a few suggestions for you that might help you connect to your Tarot Deck a deeper connection.

​I  suggest you start slow because it can be very overwhelming and daunting if you try to learn them too quickly. First I don't think anyone can
learn them quickly. because it's more of a on-going life-long journey that is never ending and forever changing. I say this because I have be en studying the Tarot since I was 16 years old, and I still study the Tarot. I am never satisfied with knowing enough about them.​
I'm as passionate about them today as I was when I was 16.  And by the way, I'm58 now.  

My little Italian Grandmother from Italy was the town clearoviant and seer.  Her legacy took hold ofme shortly before she died so I may have inherited her gift but she wasn't around long after I turned 16 to absorb all herknowledg. My grandmother and I had a very special bond that still to this day I haven't been given the full  story as to why this is.  She passed-over before I knew there was an extra darks ecret explaining why that was and I never got to ask her. I wasn't there when she passed but my mother was. I truley feel in my heart that there was something she had leftt me which would have explained why we had such a bond but I never was given anything like that from my mother upon her return after my Grandmaother's death.She bequeathed all her Tarot Decks to me instead of to my mother along with a few of her most cherished pieces of jewlery. The day my mother handed those things to me she told me that she had thought all her life she would inheriate theses items from my Grandmother. She also told me that she thought very hard about just keeping them for herself but that she also knew if she did my Grandmother would haunt her the rest of her life..  That statement proved to be very powerful to me as it added to the mystery of the bond between her and I. Her passion became my passion. 
TIP # 1

Go to any larger bookstore like Barnes and Nobles or B Dalton or Crown. You can also go to your nearest metaphysical shop as they have decks you can actually hold in your hand. I think Trader Joe's has a book section where I have seen Tarot decks. I realize that there are tons of sites on the web where you can click on to check decks out and read reviews as well, but they lack the human experience of touch. If you don't completely examine a deck before you buy it, 9 times out of 10 you will end up with a deck you can't connect with and that leaves a bad taste in your mount about getting started and the undermines confidence in your abilities .When you have picked a deck out feel free to on on-line and purchase them at a lesser amount.  I found that the Hanson-Roberts  Deck was a good deck to learn on.  It's a deck that is of normal size and  easy to handle making shuffling easy.  It also has an extra card that add ed a special twist onto your readings.  It's the card of the unknow. This  card comes up when there is more information pertaining to your reading but because you and or the timeing is not ready to know it yet. I really liked that idea. I went through 3 sets of theses cards. Check out this deck at http://amzn.to/2z ] or click the picture on the right.

Tip #2

Once you have chosen your perfect deck, what do you do ?
Remindes me of a funny story when I got my first "Trainning Bra" As soon as mom & I got home from the store, I went to my room and returned a bit later.  Mom asked how the trainning bra felt?  I looked at her in surprise and said, "I don't know." She looked preplexd and asked if I was wearing it? I replied, "No" Of course she asked where it was and I told her in my dresser drawer. I thought it was for going out places, not for all the time.

So anyway, my point is you need to make a connection with them.  This doesn't happen by putting them away.  Carefully unpackage the deck and be careful to keep all the packaging ,materials because you would be surprised how much decks go for resale especially with the original box and booklet.

Tip # 3

Remember to always treat your Tarot Cards with respect.  They are a divination tool and the more you respect them the clearer the messages you recieve from them.  Now introduce yourself to them.  I know go ahead and laugh because it sounds funny but as much as you don't know them, they don't know you either.  I don't mean you have to shake hands like a human, just seperate the deck into it's sections and lay the cards out in Major & Minor Arcana and then in suits.  Lay the Major's out in numerical order. Do this with the suits as well. 

Now pick up each card seperately and study it for a while. Oberve everything depicted in the image. The images are not just random images. Everything in that image is there for a reason.  From the clouds to the mountains to the animals to the person and even the color of their clothes. Pay attention to the direction the main image is facing as that will let you know the attitude of the person or animal. If they look away or has no face showing this is a clue that they are not showing you a true self or a "not interested" attitude. Do this for every card. You will not remember everything about each card, but it is a start.  Finish by handling your cards carefully and place them in something to protect them.  Like a plush velvet bag or even a nice keepsake box.  I have the one to the left but there are many to choose from. Even an old cigar box, cleaned and smudged of course works just just fine.
​​ ​​ ​Tip # 4

​Everythig in our reality is energy, right?  Even your Tarot Deck.  Don't leave them out where they can soak up negative energy especially if your enviornment is heavy.  If you live with others that display anger, or yell and slam doors or you have children that cry and scream, DON'T LEAVE THEM OUT!  I leave mine out because I live alone now. Just me and my furbabies so they are safe.  But that wasn't always the case.  I had to make sure after a reading that I placed them back into their velvet bag and tucked them away.  My environment wasn't the most peaceful and I could never really tell when things were about to errupt.  I had to smudge  my home when I felt those negative energies in my environment. Smudging is a practice of burning a sage bundle all around your home to drive out those negative energies.
​Tip # 5

​Learn a proper shuffle technique.  This is really important.  A Tarot Deck is not a regular playing deck. Therefore it shouldn't be shuffled like one, at least not on a continuous basis.  Learn to hand shuffle either left-to-right or right-to-left from one hand to the other.  This not only will keep your cards from bending and becoming shabby over time but it allows more freedom for the card to do their magic flying tricks.  It will seem odd at first learning to shuffle this way. I know it did for me because I have small hands and most Tarot Decks are larger cards.  They were hard to handel anyway and I found myself dropping the cards all the time. Then I noticed they weren't drpping as much but they were flying out instead.  If a card behaves like this it's a very strong message that particular card is tryng to convey to you especially if that same card shows up in the spread you lay out.

​​Tip # 6
​Always wash your hands before handling your Tarot Decks.  Not only for the obvious reason to try to keep them clean but again for the energy factor.  Do you realize how many negitive things we touch each and everyday.  I shudder to think.  You will have to take extra care when you get a deck with light colored edge,  I went through 3 Hanson-Waite decks because they got so shabby from continual use and also from shuffling incorrectly.  With that deck I didn't realize what I was doing by "Bend" shuffling them because they are the size of a regular playing deck.  Very easy to handle.
​Tip # 7

​Before you go to bed at night for at least 10 days after getting your new deck, place them under your pillow before you go to sleep.  Make sure you keep them in their comfy bag so not to end up all over the place in the morning and possibly bent.  It's best to just keep them there at nights under your pillow until you have acquired that bond with them and I guarantee you they won't throw a fit when it's time to give them their own room.  Get them out anytime you can to interact with them just put them back so at night when your conscious mind is sleeping, your unconscious mind is still connecting and bonding with them.  Give your unconscious mind a positive affirmation to keep learning each card while you sleep and you will be surprised how much more meaning you will retain about each card as compared to not sleeping with them.  

​So there you have it.  7 Tips to get you started in connecting better with your Tarot Deck. ​​ ​If you want to see more tips check back next week for my next blog on SUITS.
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